Monthly Total Phone System & Telephone Service Cost for 25-Person Office

  TurnKeyPhone VirtualPBX RingCentral Non-VoIP Traditional System
Total Active Users 25 25 25 25
Cost Per User $0 $19.99/mo $22.99/mo $0
Phone System Cost $249/mo n/a n/a $188/mo
Phone Line Costs $0 $0 $0 $392/mo
4,000 Minutes of Talk $19/mo n/a n/a $56/mo
100+ VoIP Features    -
Web Conferencing  - - -
Total Monthly Cost $268/mo $500/mo $575/mo $636/mo
* Price comparison made May 1st, 2011, based on monthly pricing of 25-user, full-feature plans of the providers listed above.

Non-VoIP traditional system price based on 36-month lease for 25-User Nortel BCM500 package, with 25 voice mail modules, and 8 copper traditional telephone lines based on 2.8 cent per minute long distance and local service average rate. 4,000 minutes of talk is based on 2,000 outbound minutes and 2,000 inbound minutes in total, based on industry standards for a 25-person office.

Comparison excludes the identical costs for the 25 hand-held business telephone devices for use with each phone system. Price comparison includes phone system, phone system features, and complete telephone service.