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system configuration & management

Only Turnkey Phone offers the industry standard for reliability, scalability, availability, and ease-of-use regardless of your business size.

With the TurnKey Cloud-Hosted Phone System, you can present a unified company image under one central telephone number. All of your employees -- whether in a central office, branch offices, home offices, or traveling -- are reachable through your main number.

call answering

Automated answering and call-routing make TurnKey Cloud Phone Systems simple to use for your callers, and your staff.

The auto-attendant is a central part of the TurnKey Cloud-Hosted Phone System. This is the part of the system that initially answers the incoming calls, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. Callers hear a custom business greeting, and then are given options for routing their calls.

Call Routing

Our system doesn't merely make sure that your employees receive calls. We can send calls almost anywhere based on user-interaction or employee selection.

In most systems, extensions are assigned to physical telephones. Employees have to be at their phones to receive calls. With the Turnkey Cloud Hosted Phone System, extension numbers are assigned to individual persons, and each one can let the system know what phone (or phones) they want calls routed to.

Voice and notifications

Multiple options to receive your voice mail and messages means that you'll never miss those important calls, even if you're on the road.

Larger office, call centers and call queuing

Whether you need to staff your own call center, multiple business locations, or route calls for a small office -- the built-in phone queue system will get your callers to the right people in the most efficient way possible.

Web and Phone conferencing

Web Conferencing and phone conferencing support is included at no additional charge with your TurnKey Cloud-Hosted Phone System.

Additional features

Additional features -- all are standard with every TurnKey Cloud-Hosted Phone System.