Making Calls

1. From the Office

  • Just pick up the VoIP phone and dial
  • Direct dial extension-to-extension

2. From Remote Offices or Home

  • Works from Home or office
  • Just pick up the VoIP phone and dial
  • Works with VoIP phones and software VoIP Programs
  • Direct dial extension-to-extension

Receiving Calls

1. Callers dial your company's phone number

  • You can keep your existing phone number(s)
  • You can use a local, toll-free, and international phone number
  • You can have multiple numbers, each using a different greeting

2. Callers are greeted by an auto-attendant

  • Recorded greetings usually include menu options for dialing departments and/or individuals
  • Customize menu trees, add personalized recorded greetings
  • Customize greetings to match your business hours

3. The Phone System routes the calls

  • Callers select the person or department they want to reach
  • Calls are routed to the selected person or department
  • Missed calls can be re-routed, or sent to voicemail

4. Employees can work anywhere

  • Calls can go to any kind of phone, in any location
  • Outbound calls from home show your Company Called ID
  • Voice mails can be sent as email attachments